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Coopersville & Marne Railway



Where We Go

We begin our year with The Bunny Train.  It starts on the Saturday that falls three weeks before Easter.  After Easter we close for routine track and equipment maintenance.

Our full season begins in May, with regularly scheduled Wednesday and Saturday EnterTRAINment Excursions and theme trains.  See desired train page for specific details.

The train of vintage passenger cars, some are almost 100 years old, departs from historic, downtown Coopersville.  The round-trip journey through family-owned farms and fields lasts about 90 minutes. For a brief stretch, our track follows the route of Interstate 96.  (Actually, the highway follows the railroad track which was first laid down in 1858.  The track follows an ancient water route first cut into the earth by glacial events.)

You will cross over an open deck girder bridge, four creeks and one road bridge before you arrive at our train yards in the Village of Marne.  The 1950’s era diesel locomotive then uncouples from the train, runs along a passing siding next to your coach, couples onto the west end of the train and pulls the train cars back to the City of Coopersville.

This 14 mile round-trip takes you back to a simpler time of transportation. Our friendly, uniformed Conductor will punch your tickets and describe points of interest, talk about our hometown Rock-Star “Del Shannon” and other historical facts.  The EnterTRAINment varies depending on which theme or excursion you are on.  Wildlife such as fox, deer, wild turkeys, hawks and eagles may be seen along the way, as well as farm animals. Our track also runs, for a short distance, alongside of Interstate 96, where Mustangs, Pintos, Jaguars and Cougars may also be seen.  One time, we even saw a Barracuda!  (A 1966 Plymouth Barracuda, that is.)


Crossing Deer Creek Open
Deck Girder Bridge

Crossing 24th Ave. Bridge.

Photos © J.J. Ricard

Passengers watching
Marne coupling.