West Michigan's All-Volunteer
Historic Railroad
Celebrating 25 years!
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PO Box 55
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Volunteer positions exist for you on the Coopersville & Marne Railway.  

Here's your chance to work on MOW (Maintenance of Way) projects,
  Mechanical Department Equipment, Operating Department Crews, Ticket Sales or to just donate your talents and participate in helping us preserve Railroad history.  

There are four ways to contact us to become a C&M Volunteer:

  1. Download, fill out and mail in the Volunteer Application at the bottom of this page.
  2. Stop by the Engine House any Saturday, Winter too! (We may just put you to work then.) 
  3. Know a C&M Volunteer? Have him or her bring you out some day. We're here year 'round.
 4. Give us a call at (616) 997 - 7000, Ext. #3. Leave a message, if no answer. We'll call you back.

  Please, Do Not Inquire at the Ticket Station when we're busy or on Theme Train Days. 
Any other time, our Station Master will be glad to talk to you and hand you an application!*

*OK, so if you count the Station; then, it's Five ways to contact us to become a C&M Volunteer, but that's it! There are just five (5) ways to become a C&M Volunteer. As of now!
"On Our Scale, One inch = One inch"
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Have you been thinking about moving up a scale or two on your model railroad?
We can help!

Does it seem to you, that super detailing your trains also causes eye strain?
We can help!

Do you like the look of hand laid track, but you don't want to use needle nose pliers to put the spikes in?
We can help!

Is there nothing else you can paint using your air sprayer?
We can help!

Have you super detailed all of your passenger cars, but want to do more?
We can help!

Do you like wiring the interior lighting of your passenger fleet?
We can help!

Do you like maintaining signal systems on your railroad?
We can't help!

Would you like to loose twenty pounds in sweat working on the tracks in summer?
We can help!

Do you want to work on the railroad but your wife (husband) wants to do something with you?
We can help!

Do you have no railroad, mechanical, plumbing, heating or electrical experience? But want some?
We can help!

Are you good with your hands, you've fixed everything in the house and just have to work on something?
We can help!

Are you good with people and would like to have a place to learn and teach West Michigan history?
We can help!

Do you suddenly find that you have some time on your hands and would like something to do?
We can help!

Are you tired of too much being taken out of your paycheck?
We can help!

Do you want to get a huge paycheck every week?
We can't help!
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