Outside of the cars
This event is the only fundraiser for the Ottawa County Sheriff's Posse. Y'all come! We kin sure use yer help!
Six Shows Only ! 150 Seats per Show !
Saturdays, July 13, 20, & 27
Departures at 11am & 1:30 pm
Photo © Tom Chubinski
Howdy Pardner, this here E-vent is put on by 'pert-near
 80 Volunteers from the Posse and the Railroad!
(Could be 100 or more, if you count the horses!)
They all signed up to give ya'll such a Hoot that ya'll 'l swear that the train n' you are back in 1858,
 the same year that this here Railroad's track was laid. 

It's a sure-fire way to spend a Summer Saturday!  

Ya'll will experience the thrill of the Wild Old West, when some feller (goes by the name of Jesse James) n' his large gang of six-gun-tottin', root-beer-swillin, masked desperados on Horseback cause some commotion.  Them boys are "loco" and jist itchin' fer a fight!   But don't fret none!  
There's an armed guard of Brave Sheriff's Deputies on board! 

Ya'll might jist want to cover your ears when we git to the Badlands of Marne, Michigan 'cause we hear tell of a shoot out!
Dance Hall Girls will Swoon!
The Earp Brothers 'n Doc Holliday are on board to per-teck
 the honored guests, and all the "Little Ladys" and Gents.  Well, Shucks they'll even perteck you!

But the bad guys have a 'nother plan.
They're jist a-hankerin' to stop the train 'n git yer valuables!
Jist in case they gets on board, ya'll 'l be given Railroad Dollars fer yer pocketbooks and Floozie Jewelery to fool them Varmits!

FULL FARE $15.50   SENIOR FARE $14.50
KIDS (2-12) $13.50
Due to some loud noises, parents jist might want to use caution with the little buckaroos under 2 years of age.  Buckaroos under 2 years ride fer free.


 shows off one of the hats. 
 Bet his Master ain't no Deputy? 
Advance tickets may be purchased in a number of ways:

      a.  Click on the spot towards the top and to the right for a mail-in form. A $2               service charge will apply.

      b.  Call 616-997-7000, Ext. 3, during normal business hours,  for credit card               orders.  A $2 per ticket service charge will apply.

      c.  After April 29, stop by the station on any Wednesday or Saturday,
           between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm. 
          No service charge applies to walk-up sales.

      d.  Seats are available on the day of the shows.  If we sell out, it always 
           happens during the last 45 minutes prior to departure.